A celebration of CreativeKids’ 2017-18 art and design curriculum theme - Design Thinking for Children

Re-envision our city’s “smartness” together with our children not solely based on technology, productivity and achievement but on empathy, identity, sustainability and connectivity.

  • Children Presenters
  • Guest Speakers
  • Video presentation of children’s ideas for our city

As part of the Creative Stories theme in 2017, we have designed a series of projects that explore interesting stories behind the unique communities

in which we live, under the name Hong Kong Hunt 香港行 2017. Using art, design, architecture, storytelling and design thinking as creative tools of inquiry and problem-solving, children researched and expressed their perception of the past, present and possible future of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Hunt 香港行 2017 is a further development of an initiative started by CreativeKids in 2002 to help children find their cultural roots

and to develop a sense of belonging in this ever-changing city. The Hong Kong Hunt 香港行 2002 was invited to exhibit in Guangdong Museum of Art.